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Thank you so much for sharing this! What adorable little mice :-)


Thanks for sharing your pattern! After I make it through this weekend (Yardsale!!!!), I plan to make one.


Thank you so much! It'll probably take me longer than most people to make a mouse because I have a newborn and a 3 yr old to take care of, but I can't wait to make one for for each!


It is soo cute! I really love this little lovely mouse. I will try to do it soon.
You said that we cant sell them, is there is a chance to pay somthing to you that let us to sell them later?? please reply :)


HI! I've been following your blog for some time and loved your work! I'm from far away Indonesia.

Thanks for the pattern, I saved it but have no idea when I could start making some coz I'm not so crafy. No patience .. argh... but deffinitely will try.

Thanks again!

greenbeanbaby art

thanks so much for the pattern! i will try this out soon :)


Thank you. I've been looking for a good pattern for a super cute stuffed mouse.-E


it's so cute!! ^_^*
but the picture of parttern is too hard to see >"<

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