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I love these! How cute. The corduroy fabric is just perfect!


I wish I could go! Those battys are so adorable, I want one! D:


These are fantastic - I hope you have some left over to sell in your store!!


you make bats look SO cute! i totally want one if you have some left over, but i hope you sell well at the show!

Erin K

These bats are SO cute! I must have one, or a pattern, whatever. they are too cute!


those are the cutest bats EVER!!!! Wow very cool


I think I must have a bat! are u going to sell the finished bats or patterns or both? I love them. they are super CUTE!!!


Your shop page seems to be down, and I totally would have ordered one of these. Please get 'em up there! I can't be in DC Oct. 3!


The bats are a hit! Also want one. Wonders what a plushy ratbat would look like...


You should put some bats in the online store!! I NEED one!


Love the bats! And just in time for the witching hour. Good luck at the show.


CUTE! I'm new to your blog, I have a blog too, the perfectionists portfolio! I would be thrilled if you would come and comment! I am having a challenge to get 50 followers, all the information is on a previous post!


I know it seems terribly geeky, but I was SO excited to see your work in person this weekend! I didn't say "hi" because I felt like a silly fangirl, but I wanted to say your pumpkins and tea cups and everything were absolutely gorgeous :-) Even if I can't say it in person, that is.


I love my little Batty Bat. My mom bought me the green one with the witchy on the print on the inside of the wings. He's hanging next to my monitor in his resting pose next to my Trick or Tater Potato Head in his vampire costume!

Love it, love it, love it!

I couldn't join your mailing list as it was full. Hope to hear from you soon about any shows that you will be doing.

amy ( sew~amy)

the bats are soooooo cute. I want one.

Stephanie Faith

I love your bats, so cute :)

Stephanie Faith


peut t on avoir la tuto please ?^^ thank you

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Chantal Cointot

I really love you work, it's so cute! Where could I get the pattern for the bat please?

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