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It's great to see you sewing again. You make the cutest things! I'm glad to hear your show was a success.


Everything looks great! Any progress with the TF commisions?


I adore your bats! And my two year old son adores all bats - working on halloween costume in fact. So I am very interested in buying one of your bats or the pattern for making one. Please let me know how I can purchase from you. thanks - smiles - Sarah


I'm excited to see your shop open again. I've purchased so many of your plushies before (I'll have to take a photo, they're all perched on my bookshelf).


i wish they had craft fairs like that in texas :[ you're items made me fall in love with crafting

Sonia Lai

Hi, do you still have any of those plushies for sale? I've been DYING to buy some from you! Please let me know! Thanks!


Are you reopening before Halloween?? I've been checking every week since last Christmas and so far no luck.


Just stopping by to say your work is absolutely gorgeous - somehow very cheerful and we need cheering up in the UK right now as our clocks have gone back and it is dark so early. Thank you.


I am so excited for your shop to open again! I would really like to purchase a snowman kit... if you aren't going to have kits in the near future, would you consider selling just the pattern and instructions? I would really love to make some for my kids to decorate their rooms! (and I am a slow sew-er, I need some time to get them made) please email me if this would be possible :)


Add me to the long list of people who'd love to be able to purchase some of your creations. I especially like the tea and coffee cups/mugs!

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