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What, no Pocky? That stuff is like crack. Crunchy little chocolate coated sticks of crack.


nah, no pocky. i did get melon flavored kit kat, and strange gummy candies. maybe next time...have you ever seen the enormous pocky?


Oh my gosh, have I? I love The Enormous Pocky. It's very entertaining.

Wait, you're not talking about the infamous bukkake film, are you?

I have heard rumors of melon flavored KitKat but have always though "gimme a break." (ba-dum-dum)

I have actually seen, but never tried, the big one. I tried a few of them wacky Japanese flavors (well, not ones that taste like actual Japanese people, per se; sweet potato, pumpkin, green tea, etc.) but chocolate is the best. The only drawback is that it feels kind of pathetic when a 31-year-old married father of two walks around gnawing on something that young, nubile Japanese tweens and young, overweight, American otaku ought to be eating. But, you know, little chocolate covered crack sticks...

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