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Unicron.com put together an accessory pack designed for Beast Machines in 2000 - http://www.unicron.us/4sale/. At that time they dealt with the issue you have with this accessory - http://www.unicron.us/4sale/unicronpack/bastand.htm.

Unfortunately, there are no new sets available. But clearly you are not alone.


That BlackArachnia figure is really sweet - one of the best! But I think the new animated version of her will top this figure!

By the way - love your blog!


I do think this is one of the better Blackarachnia toys. If I ever get around to it I am going to at least try to sell the Transmetal 2 version I have. Talk about high heels, backpack-heavy, ugh. The first version (Tarantulus repaint) wasn't really much better either.

It might be interesting to see the BM version in her original BW colors. My main gripe with the BM version is the coloring.


Blackarachnia is one of the greatest characters in the whole transformers universe, and one of my personal definate top characters. So though I usually love what you do in your photocomics at TFW, making her a stupid bully really spoiled my day... :(


blackie, i tried to respond to you, but apparently you used a false e-mail. so here is what i tried to send you:

i didn't mean to ruin your day... sorry. this seems like a strange place to make that comment... thing is, they are my toys, and i play with them how i want... i will think about it, maybe i can redeem her personality for ya. still, your comment is kinda hurtful. maybe next time try to be more tactful, and don't take it so seriously. it is just me being silly. i don't even take it that seriously...



Whoa, I didn't mean to be that rude. Really. I'm really sorry. As I said I usually LOVE your comics (one of the very few I read all the time), they're kinda lifesaver after a horrid day at work. But Blackarachnia is somewhat special to me, and I'm guessing that for many more, so it "struck the nerve" to be first totally blown away with delight seeing her in my fave comic and then, wham, she was made a bad guy. Again, I'm sorry, I did NOT want to spoil YOUR day. The e-mail isn't false, I just tried it (haven't used it for a while). I didn't put any URL, would it need that?
Once more, I'm sorry if I was too rude, and I know one can't make everybody happy, especially when doing comics. But remember that almost every bot has its fans, so making a bad guy out of others than 'Cons can hurt them. And no, Blackarachnia is NOT a Predacon, in the beginning and in the end. Tough, yes. Bad, no.


well, i wasn't intending for her to seem like a bad guy at all. just tough, and not willing to take crap from mini-ops. sorry if it seemed like bullying... i was sort of caught off guard by your comment here, and like i said it was kinda hurtful. but its okay, and i understand what you are saying for sure. i will do my best to amend her personality so its more likable...

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