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Well... I currently have upwards of 2034 Transformers.

Since the September 29 move to the new house, 80% of them are in plastic bins in a storage unit, 10% are in the garage, 7% are in the basement, and about 3% are the most recent ones I've bought that are littered around the bedroom I haven't remodeled yet.

Not having the full finished Attic to store and display this crap really makes it all rather pointless, and hence my wanting to dump a good chunk of the collection as soon as I can.

If I was a wiser less retarded man, I'd have a rule that for every new one I buy one old one must go.

Find a happy medium of big and small figures ... around 150 or so... and always maintain that.

And pray to whatever god or gods you pray to that you can maintain that healthy quantity.

I think I pissed of St. Jude and he cursed me as a hopeless cause.


Only once did I ever have all my bots displayed. It was in my tiny one-bedroom and it was before any Botcons and the recent bot explosion.

I've continued to work on the house and one of the projects is to get the study right. But last weekend, I surrendered - there just wasn't enough space in the study to move around AND finish the organization that I wanted to do, so 30 boxes went downstairs. It is sad.

Like Nala said, I too suffer from the penchance of displaying the most recent at the expense of the others (To say nothing of displaying MIB/MOC guys - trapped in plastic forever...)

Right now, I've half of the Energon line out, select G1s and my Action Masters upstairs, and my exclusives, Alternators, Classics and select others in the study. I need to finish. I want to show off my room.

But back on your point, yes, it's actually good to rotate them. Makes the room fresh.
I dream of my finished basement. I need to get focussed


nala- i haven't a clue how you can have that many transformers! it blows my mind really! i only have about 50, but it is crazy, and the movie-bots just needed to go someplace else...having 150 still seems like so much to me! but i am sure one day that will be me too...

mr. terrific- i wish i had more room. as it is they have taken over our livingroom. luckily my bf loves them there, so its fine. i dream of a house one day to have a room just for them...alas, that may never ever happen... and dude, do you really have 30 more boxes in your basement!? wow!

Ramen Junkie

I'm at the point where I can't fit any more totes so I'm selling some of them off (possibly at Botcon).


dude, I am so going to need to take a picture of my "storage bins".


Ha! I have a small cube and many years worth of figures - my stuff gets rotated every few months just so they all see the light of day once in a while - but the Prime shelf never changes, of course! ;-)

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