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that Carl guy

Though I don't get Cartoon Network here in Canada I am going through the same thing on a channel called Space which is like the Sci-Fi Network. Most of my TV viewing is in the afternoon and before fall started I was able to enjoy Star Trek followed by other Star Treks like TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise. As well as some other great shows. Now? I'm forced to endure those poor quality shows where they have a narrator talk about if UFO's exist or Big Foot or whatever and they talk to wack jobs who claim to have seen them. OR they put on those crap reality shows where people go to "haunted" houses. OR Relic Hunter...


True. [adult swim] has become terrible, but what really disappoints me is that Toonami is gone, and now [adult swim] will be taking over the anime now. Bah.


Hey, didja see that [AS] is bringing back teh anime?


AMEN! I have not watched Cartoon Network in years because they always hose the schedule, hide the anime in favor of the crap like robot chicken. AND are YEARS behind on shows like Bleach and Naruto.

they should show the love to anime since toonami is what made them really big.

I saw the writing on the wall when they cancelled Gundam 080 on Sept 11.

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