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Man, I would be buying Alternators like you are, but I have a budget, aka my parents.


Reader number two is grateful for new content.

What alternators are available at the store? I have holes I tell you holes in my collection...


Yay! I get to be reader 3! Can't find any alternators in my area sadly.


What sort of prices are they charging? Just curious. I mostly didn't get into Alts from the get-go because I did not consider them worth the $20 retail (maybe $15 each instead).


@ mr. terrific: well, silverstreak is at both stores, i have seen deadend, rumble, tracks, prowl, some yellow one i have no idea who he is...a bunch. tell me what you are missing, i can look for you. :D

@viscous: if only they were $20! they are usually $25 and up. mirage was $35, and nemesis was $40. all loose or already opened. for the ones in the boxes the prices are way higher...

also thanks & hello readers! :D


I may have to open mine when I get back.


I have never understood some of the secondary market prices (like for Swerve - okay I get he was rare etc but still). But it seems like your Mirage price was a steal. He's one (among others) that I never saw at retail (saw Swerve twice! and didn't buy). I think poor distribution killed this line and Titaniums.


I think I agree with Viscous there. Many a toy line seemingly brought down by poor distribution. Hell, I only ever saw some of them (Tracks for example) on clearance at Winners.


Err...am the 4th or 5th reader here??!! ;D hehe sorry dear I just check in once in awhile to see the story behind ur pics...

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