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Even though I've got Classics Ironhide, I'm not a big fan of Hasbro's efforts at all :/

I mean, all that use of baby blue (side windows & face) just cheapens it. I'm gonna definitely replace Ironhide with the Henkei version (dark blue windows & silver face) when it comes out next month, & when Henkei release Ratchet, I'll be all over that too :)

But no matter how good Ironhide's botmode is, the vehicle mode is a complete mess :/
I mean, when you compare Ironhide's jigsaw of panel/transformation lines to how smooth Sideswipe's/Bluestreak's altmode is - The designers should have done better... *sigh*


Yeah. He seems to be another one that it may be worth the extra $ to go with the Henkei one.


Not to go all TF nerd on you, but you know Ironhide's hand will fit inside his gun, huh?


I'm so glad you got Magnus after all that.

Given how great Classics were, I'm disappointed by Universe 2.0, except for (irony of ironies here) the two packs.

Precious precious Dirge. How I love thee.


I am so jealous of your Magnus! We have been looking everywhere for him and Swoop, but no luck so far :(

Thanks for your advice on the Munny, I do not have your talent for adding sculpey, so mine is not so special. My coworker really liked him though, so that was all that mattered to me. I took pictures if you'd like to see:

Thanks again!

that Carl guy

I really want Ironhide because I've never had him before in any form. I'll leave him in bot mode standing next to Masterpiece Prime. I'll probably paint his face and hands like you did. I will paint the blue windows black like its tinted.


puppylove, you know you can put Ironhide's weapon over his hand? The weapon then won't be so bouncy.


Wow. Claire's munny rocks. Starscream looks all suit with the cockpit like that!

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