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Matt Maldre

Wow. Your felt Transformers blow my mind.


I think you should go ahead and make an awesome Prime to enter and then maybe some lucky fan will get to own an award-winning Transformers plush ... ;)


Elita One and Magnus are so cute! And Shockwave's colours are pretty.

A character that's popular with the sort of person that will be attending Botcon will be good. I wouldn't mind seeing that Swindle sketch you did for DJW as a plushie, or a Dinobot (any continuity!). But it's up to you, really. You're the one creating all this cuteness!


Magnus works in a pinch, because he's like... er... done... :)


Your work is absolutely beautiful! Great design, so appealing! How much do you sell them for? I'd love to see your version of G1 Metrolplex or Defensor!

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