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Matt Maldre

whoa. optimus has a pair of speakers on his shoulders.


Aww. yes they are too cute to pass! hope u'll get ur alt list at the botcon... and sorry i dont have any ideas for ur 3-d entry plush.. :) I've got ur toy collector disease too! I just bought two more hotwheels. Oh dear. :D


Whatever they are, they are insanely adorable.
Aww Bluestreak! Such a happy chappy.


Saw your plushie at the con. Awesome!!


wow...your transformers are just about the most awesome stuffies i have EVER seen!...i love all your stuffies, but i am totally amazed with these...i wish i could seen them in person (ok, i wish i could own a whole collection of them) i had to immediately send a link to my husband - he completely agrees ... we used to have a table at cons around here (my husband made comics)...i wish you had been at those! ... great job!

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