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I don't read AHM but I'd definitely agree with you that those new designs look... so... "off" *shakes head*. It's nearly as bad as the DW era...


I personally don't think the look that bad. If I read the comic(s) I could get over it if the story was strong. I have seen worse designs and think these are not totally Bayish. I do think it merges the 2 differnt designs (G1 and Movie) nicely. (though BumbleBee on the right http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_sWu0-rmtFZM/SnsQAxa9TNI/AAAAAAAACuU/Hk5excFk80U/s1600/TFRID.cvr_col.jpg is to Movie style for me.


I'm a story guy. I don't care how pretty it is... if the story doesn't work, then it doesn't work for me. That said, the skeletal force Transformers are lost on me, and distract from the comic. Kate Moss makes a poor transformer.

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