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I hear ya. And I doubt we're along. There's obviously Naladahc, but I've heard the same gripes more or less from fans everywhere. Hell the TFWire Podcast stopped because there basically wasn't enough interest from it's producers or material for shows.

It's really sad that Hasbro has more or less driven the brand into the ground, The single shot we've seen of Bumblebee from the new show and this whole War for Cybertron push both come off as rather bland so I don't see there being a fix anytime soon.

I think one issue I have is the whole inconsistent time-line etc. It was all good through Beast Machines, then RiD could maybe be fudged but probably not, then Armada took things and rebooted them but ok, at least it was longish. Animated could actually be some sort of pseudo prequel to Beast Wars/Sequel to G1 if you fudge a bit and don't always assume that the same name = the same character. (I envision BA, and Waspinator starting the Predacons with Grimlock... or something...)

Anyway, it's all over the place and there are too many origin stories that don't mesh at all etc.

The irony is I've always told people I don't care as much for the story aspect as I do the engineering aspect. I guess part of my problem is I just find the Bayformer toys to be ugly.


As if Hasbro could give a f#ck about us anymore - not when they're making a fortune from Bayformers & all that Ironman tripe in the stores. Then there's TakTom delaying my USB Hub Blaster again, & again, & again... -_-

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It doesn't look so much disappointing to me. Maybe because I have come to like transformer just recently. But thanks for sharing those thoughts.

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