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Ugh - I always dread the point at which your project must currently destroy every inch of its possible space, with chaos overtaking all. But it seems like every project has this point where you've totally hit rock-bottom before things can get sorted out properly.

I think the reason why I hate this phenomena is that is typically the point at which I become so overwhelmed that I have to walk away for a time - thus ensuring that I have to live with the mess for an extended period of time!

The new shelves look lovely - have fun getting everything in its one true place...


Oh my... I thought you'd been burgled! :-) I can't work unless I tidy up first... so I spend much more time tidying than actually making anything. Your way seems more fruitful!


I need me one of those shelves, that looks ace! And erm, good luck trying to reorganise it all... Ahem x


I know that feeling oh so well! But I am getting better even if my hubby doesn't think so!


I'm a graphic designer at the IKEA in Tempe, Arizona and an avid crafter. You would be surprised at how many artists I bump into that need major organization for their areas. You need to post some pictures of the clean up to to give us another example of IKEA's usefulness!


Oh! how familiar that looks! your sewing table chaos looks just like my own!!! Still, in such chaos is always some kind of order left, and the finished stuff doesn't tell, now does it ;))


Looks exactly like my sewing table gets very fast...

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