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The whales are very nice!!


oh my god those whales are great! i cant stop looking at them! ha ha! my daughter is in love with narwhals since she loves unicorns, i think all little girls love unicorns! i loved the bazarre bizarre in los angeles, it was my first time. hope to get some of your booklets when your store opens up!


oh - the whales are just too, too amazing! I am totally smitten with the narwhale.....

Hope it was a happy holiday!
ho ho ho


The whales are great! They would be a great addition to the shop!


I think your whales are so incredible!! My little son would really love something like that. I love how they look so realistic.

Mariah DeMarco

That would be a great set for the shop! I showed J and he named each whale (he's a documentary buff) you did such a great job on these! ^_+


Those whales are awesome! It's fantastic to see stuffed animals that look so real and distinct.


Oh, I love the whales. I want them in a kit! Maybe you could make an underwater creatures kit.

susan sobon

oh i would love to have a whole pod of whales!! please say you will either make some for the shop or do a booklet of whale how to's!


The whales were so cute..Wanna see it personally..

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