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i love the fabric choices for the dresses. they add so much to the character of the pair.
what a great color sense you have!


These could quite possibly be the cutest things I've ever seen!! Love all of your new work!

Mariah DeMarco

I *love* how well made (and totally unique and adorable) your stuff is! Love, love the apple dolls! :D


they are just beautiful - I think I have fallen in love.


I think Miss Red Apple looks like she is desperately trying to cheer up Miss Sour Green Apple but it's not working! Perhaps she needs a little sugar! I love them they are perfect.


hi! i love your work! everything you make looks so perfect. it's hard to believe it's handmade. i was wondering how you stuff your plush so perfectly. every time i stuff mine, no matter how well i sew it, it just doesn't seem to get a nice, round shape. do you have any tips as far as stuffing? thank you! again, i love your "STUFF"!

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