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mmm, yum, that mint chip looks good enough to eat!


everything always looks so fantastic!


Those are terrific, Teresa. Mint chip has got to be my favorite because, well, mint chip is my favorite. How have you been, sweet girl? Miss you!


I just can't believe how cute they all are. I love the mint chocolate chip!


I checked out all your photos, they are SOOOO adorable, love the ones standing around a flower pot, the ones in the icecream cups.. you have such an imagination : )


i love the ice-cream gang! are they machine sewn? what are they made of? can you expand some time about how you draft your patterns?
have a great (if warm) weekend!

suzie sews

Oh BOY!!! I have just read your blog for the first time (your in 'Small fox' list of blogs) and it is a treat for the eyes. I shall be back. Lovin the stuff you do
Suzie Sews


Those ice cream guys are just so cute! You have a great imagination and are a wonderful artist.

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