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Perhaps its because Halloween is around the corner... or maybe its just my morbid streak, but I love this little guy!!

And just wanted to add that I've been reading your blog for some months and love seeing what new creations you come up with! I think my favorite have been the apple-head dolls, though everything is always delightful and brings a smile to my face. Keep it up!! :)


I loves him! :D Will you make him available to buy? I'd buy him. <3 I love things that are a little morbid.

jenni s-g

This is the cutest plush skelly I've ever seen!


Oh my goodness, he is adorable! I love this!


uuuuuuuhhh he is so cuuuuuuuute! these bones would be nice to embrace... :)
nice work!


Want! I absolutely love anything to do with skulls and this guy is SO freaking cute! Great job!


Oh what an original creation !! It is very cute and I think not so morbid. Great job ! I simply love it.


He IS cute (if a little morbid!) ;p x

kayjaydee (Kelli Doubek)

LOVE LOVE LOVE him! So creepy cute. Great idea!


I'm in love...soooo cute!

Lisa Thoms

Adorable as usual!!! And just in time for Halloween!


That is the sweetest skeleton I've ever seen!

Penguin & Fish

Hah, this is so cute. you should enter him in the Softies holiday contest at http://softiescentral.typepad.com/blog/


I never would have thought anyone could make a skeleton look so lovable!

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