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Too cute!! I love your little skelly. :)


It's too funny ! Good idea for windows decoration.


are you still doing the update today? otherwise, i don't think it'll be here in time for halloween.


Very cute, thanks for sharing! I plan on making a few with my kiddos this weekend. :)


I love it! Just the project I need for my windows, thank you!


Thank you so much for sharing! I've made one this morning, and have promised my son I'd make another just for him, since he liked it so much.

I didn't have brads, so I "sewed" the parts together with embroidery floss, knotted into tufts on either side. He's not very poseable, but we love him nonetheless :-)


Thanks for sharing this cutie.
I'll put a link on my blog .

Kisses from Spain .



that guy is so cute!


So cute! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks so much - he's adorable!




So very cute - and something I can do with my little guys! Thanks so much for sharing.


I made one last night and my daughter said, "oohh who's that guy?" this morning (she's 2.5 yrs).

It is so fun and cute.

I used a pin to poke the holes for the brads and that worked great. I hope you put up other patterns!

Junie Moon

I appreciate your sharing this cute project! I read about it on Whipup.


I just got this linked from goodyblog.com. Thanks so much. I am going to laminate these tomorrow and hang them up!


How adorable, thanks! My kids will enjoy putting these together :)


These are so cute. You made my son's day!


Lovely :) must try it! thanks for sharing

Lindsey B.

Awesome! I can definatly use this for my spanish project, thanks site owner!


This is great! We will be making some to adorn our windows, since I can't find any cheapy halloween vinyl clings. These are much cuter anyway!

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