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Laura Lynn

I LOVE them!!! Wonderful work :)


these penguins aaaaaaaare sooooooooooo "cool"


oh boy, a giggle of penguins! Very cute! Can identify with your poor hands, me too. Check out my new rag doll on today's post. Yup, had to wash her face already-pricked my finger again! I'm overwhelmed by Christmas fairs ALREADY. Yikes, I need more time . . . Regards

liz elayne

oh. my. goodness. i LOVE these guys. they are fantastic!!!

Charlie P

Heh heh. Fab. Love how they're all pointing in different directions looking confused just like real penguins.


Oh they are very beautiful with their strip scarf !


ooh, lovely! These are so beautiful! And I guess we all have these sore hands...

Penguin & Fish

SO CUTE. super fun!


Really funny those penguins!!!

josephine Schmidt

Is at all possible to have the pattern for these adorable penguins. My daughter is having a baby and loves penguins - it would be wonderful to make her one. Thanks

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