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oh I'm sooooo jealous!

Lisa Thoms

I LOVE superbuzzy.com. You are so lucky you actually got to go to the warehouse. Oh my gosh! That would be like heaven to me too! I've placed several orders online and have never been disappointed. They definitely ROCK!


*so* good to see you - and so excellent that you made the drive up to say hi! can't wait to hang out some more on Sunday!


wow... gasping for breath...
can imagine you couldn't resist stocking up on fabrics!
very jealous too ;)


So is that 'I am not permanent' from a Postal Service song, or what? Argh. It's on the tip of my brain!

Plus those orange owls on the one fabric are to die for, too cute! She just has the best taste in stuff like that, IMO.


oh my goodness...wiping the drool! I love superbuzzy too. To be able to walk through the store would be heaven :-)


the fabrics are so nice and cute..
wish there's a shop like this in my country..

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