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Oh, they're just the cutest! I'm usually not a snowman gal, for exactly the reason that you said - I'm in So. Cal. and it just seems silly, but sometimes they're so darn adorable I have to make an exception. And I bet they'll look even better in person!


Gosh, they are so cute! If only we have snow here in the Philippines...

Can I just say that I am loving your plate. Gorgeous snowflakes!


Those are so adorable! No snow here yet either (we're still in the 60's).


So adorable!


Oh, my gosh! I love your snowmen. I am a snowman fanatic. Those are just the cutest ones I have ever seen.

melissa deakin

your work is so incredible.
these are beyond adorable.
thanks for making me smile!


probably that's why they are so happy! they are spelling the word C A L I F O R N I A...


so sweet!!!!!!!


Too adorable! I love decorating with snowmen for the winter season and yours are making me look forward to winter.


those are the cutest snowmen ever! :)


Loving the snowmen !!! Its going to be minus 4 here tonight !!!


They are beautifull ! With their little buttons and big ribbons !The more lovebable snowmen I've seen ...


PLEEEEEASE tell me that those are going to be in your winter update?!?! I want one SO badly! Having just moved this summer from Arizona to Ohio, I am looking forward to my first snowy winter, and i MUST have one of those snowpersons to celebrate! :)

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