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You know, I had the exact same week! I made several things, but only one didn't leave me disappointed in myself.


I love it! So sweet and adorable. And, hey, one satisfying project is better than none, and at least getting in there and sticking with it is what's most important.

Love this little guy!


awwwww...what a little cutie!! and i know exactly how you feel. i had a week like that right before christmas. it was like everything i had pictured in my mind just kept flopping. it's so frustrating! but at least you didn't give up! and look at how happy he is! well worth the frustration i would say.


But just look at what you *did* make! That is absolutely adorable! Would cheer up a lot of sick people right about now...


that's very cute!, yes, i can sympathise, i tried out a new design for a mini hedgehog softie which went ok, but is not quite right yet, it usually takes me about 3 goes to perfect a new pattern


Don't loose hope! All of your projects that I've seen have turnd out beautifully - and this one is no expection. How adorable!!!


that is so cute :)


So cute! :)


aw, what do you mean "all"? He is so cute!

(but I do know what you mean.)

Shannon J

I totally know the feeling! I've been that way for a few WEEKS now... Not a creative bone in my right now. :(
But I absolutely LOVE that teeny little kleenex box! It's adorable! Made me smile! Thanks!


are you sure you don't want to change your name to "I make too much cute things"? I can't think of a different word than "cute" when i see your creations!!!


:3 It's soo.... wubberful! I actually have a cold right now so it would be perfect! I will wish you my greatest luck!

Pastormac's Ann

Adorable!! So cute.


Aww thats so adorable I want that!

I wouldnt mind having that on my desk right about now considering im sick T_T

I hope your able to make more of these and sell them I would so buy like 5092385

the Littlest Craft Shop

This has to be one of the cutest things ever.

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