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I love her! Cant wait to see the second draft *smile*


Oh my. She's adorable. That is so great. You are very talented. I know my 7 year old would love it.


She is too cute! Love those big feet. Wheew adorable!


Very cute! How do you attach the head without the body tipping over (genius!)? I love making plush spheres!

Angela James

Count me among those who love it. I'm so jealous of people who can just sit down and create something like this, I need a pattern, or at least an example to follow, but even staring at your pictures for hours, I'd still not be able to do it so well. I just wasn't born with that gene!

But I think this is utterly adorable!


Love her!! I think she's adorable as is but a black one would be super cute to, my girls would love one or two.

Tracy Chapman

Awesome!!!!! I think she's really really cute!!!


I am absolutely in awe of your ability to sit and create such a beautiful toy. My mind just doesn't work in that way, alas! Lovely lovely lovely.


well, i don't know how you can't be sure how you feel about her, i think she's lovely. really sweet dress too.

the design would work really well in black, what about adding whiskers?


I think she's wonderful, like all your work your craftsmanship amazes me.

Maybe with the black cat you could try putting the face a bit lower, something about the placement on the pic of her sitting down looks slightly off.

D :)


she's adorable!


Oh, I think she is great, looks so happy and confident! :-)


mrowr , indeed! Love the ears. And it looks like her bowl was filled with chocolate milk, which is super adorable!


Very cute! Can't wait to see the black kitty!


WOW! I totally love it! I love your bears so much and this little kitty is as cute as a button.

Laura Lynn

Oh my gosh she is simply adorable!!! And I loved the title to your post ;)


I think she is adorable! I love her dress!


Love the kitty. Would love to buy a pattern.


I know what I feel: loooooove! she is cute very cute...


Oh my that cat is adorable!


Can you make a pattern for her? I would buy it in a HEARTBEAT. thump thump (heart beating)


"quickly cut up some fabric and made this"??? Wow, you are talented! She is adorable. Can you make her nose protrude - a little more 3-D? I have to make sure my 6-year old doesn't see this (:

Lucy & Johanna

My daughter just turned nine and she got her first sewing machine. She was looking for free doll patterns cause she wants to make a doll that will replace her life long blankie, when she saw your kitty cat. We were wondering if you had a free how to pattern to make it?

-Lucy & Johanna

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