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How neat! Great job as always!


that is so awesome!

jenni s-g

That is just awesome! I love the zipper and the two aliens inside.


Fabulous. This would go over SO WELL in my household right now.


I love these little aliens!

Chaos Into Art

Hahaha!! That's adorable! I've had a thing for little green men ever since I discovered the X-Files in high school...


I love this! My favorite stuffed animal when I was a kid was the crab that zipped open so that three more crabs (!) could come out. This reminds me of that toy, except it is even awesomer!! =)


OMG! I so want to be abducted by your alien friends!


So wonderful!


Awww - that's so awesome! I love the way you made the lights on the ship! :D


Gosh! Those little aliens are so cute! Oh, can that top part of the playset can be a futuristic coin purse, haha!

Sandra :)

I wish I were your neighbour - I'd have you over EVERY day, and I wouldn't mind you bringing your alien friends :)


Oh my God. That is great! I love those little aliens. Hahaha!


What a wonderful idea! Is that vinyl?
Oh, they could have such great adventures!


oh that is just way beyond adorable! Fantastic job!!!


wonderful, what a nice idea for a toy.


I love the ship and the aliens inside. What a cute idea. I am new to your blog. But I love your ideas so far.


That is sooo great! My son would love that :-) I would too for that matter I was a huge Close Encounters fan as a kid.


Oh my word this is the cutest thing I have seen in a while...adorable.


Oh so cute!!! And I love the "photo story" with them landing!!!

Jodi Renshaw

This is - by far - my favorite of all your projects. So awesome!


That is freaking awesome!!! Cute story too. So creative and I love the zipper pouch. The kleenex box is adorable. Love the face.


This is fantastic! Our kids (2 & 5) have been playing at space travel and being Martians a lot lately, so this would go over great at our house. (and of course the aliens need a coin purse - just in case they have to phone home)


oh fun! yes, little boys would love these!

Cosmic Girl

This is so cute, trully adorable just like Zetans really are! ;)

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