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that is the sweetest elephant!


I love the eye bags and trunk wrinkles! Your animals always rock the house!




he looks a little sickly too, what with his sad eyes. but very cute nonetheless!

Pastormac's Ann

Looks like you've made the perfect little friend to comfort you while you're sick!


What an adorable elephant! He looks so sweet and squeezy.


so sweetest


That is so adorable! I hope you feel better soon.


Absolutely the cutest elephant I've ever seen!

happy zombie

Found you via Craft:... your elephant is absolutely, squeezably adorable!


oh my goodness!!!! How sweet is he? the little eye bags make it :) That would be something great for little child as their "sick toy"... I used to have a teddy bear for that :)


Awwww. He looks so cute! I love how fuzzy he is. Very huggable!

Sarah Latham

He is wonderful! Do you sell your patterns? I would love to be able to make one for a friend of mine. He looks just right for cuddling when you are sick


I saw this little guy at Craftzine. I have to agree with Tina - "Absolutely the cutest elephant I've ever seen!"


What a fantastic elephant. If you ever decided to share the pattern, I'd be interested!!!


Super adorable-Hope you are feeling better.
I was sick all weekend as well and all i did was lay in bed moping and suffering-So i am super impressed that you can make something so adorable!!!


I agree. I'd love to have the pattern. So so cute!

All I do when I'm sick is sleep. On my best day, I don't think I could make this.

Tellie (Sixth & Elm)

Wow. All I made last time I was sick was a giant pile of kleenex on the living room floor.


That is incredibly cute! *sighs* I am still trying to work up enough nerve to use the sewing machine. I havn't ever used one before and look to you for inspiration. I think you just inspired me. :D I have so many projects I want to do but I'm scared of the machine. x.x Hopefully this will give me the nerve! Thanks!


is there a pattern? there has to be a pattern!!!

Shannon J

Amazing how you can produce such greatness while feeling so yuck!! I just LOVE that elephant! I had a stuffed elephant when I was young...my grandmother gave one to my sister and myself. I haven't thought about them in eons! I wish I had it now. I wonder what ever happened to it...
Very cute and sweet!


I'm a total elephant fiend, so this completely made my day! He just has the cutest expression. Great work--hope you're feeling better!

[Saw this on the Craftzine blog. Linking to it on my blog.]

Jodi Renshaw

My 3-year old son and I are in love with this elephant.

odd dotty

Oh, he is so super cute! Love him!


I love your elephant, puppy, kitty...when will you have patterns available?

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