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Hope to get one of your adorable new tea plushies when you make them available for the forthcoming update!

Also, I love how the cute coffee mugs have some seriously tired eyes (signs of dark circles/bags)! How fitting :) Such great attention to detail.


I was finally brave enought to put my email and website... Dad wouldn't let me before this, but anyway...

THEY ARE SO CUTE! I love them! If I earn enough money by the time you release them I will definately look in to this!

Shannon J

Your talent just totally amazes me! These little cups of plush goodness are wonderful!! So creative, you are! ;)


these are ah-dorable!!! :) please announce when they're available for sale, i'd love to get a couple as gifts.


must have the tea cup!

Hollie C.

I own a tea party business and I would LOVE to have these available for my clients! When and where can I order these? I would love to add your page as a link on my site as well.


gah! i want one of those teacups sooo much xD like more than i want to breathe D: pleaseee lemme know when they're available <3


Is there any chance of you making one of the top blue ones for me? I'm so in love with them!

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