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OMG, those are beyond adorable! I love the 'cream' on the hot chocolate!

purple petunia

Came to make the same comment...the silk wisp for cream whip is brilliant.

Pastormac's Ann

So cute! My six year old son wants one so badly.


"Those are really, really sweet" she said, drinking her tea--"now you need some crumpets to go with 'em!"


I love the whipped cream! Absolutely cute, creative, and amazing! :3

mimi k

I know exactly what you mean- I have an idea of how long it "should" take and try to convince myself that I can do it. Then, when it takes longer- of course!- I feel like what am I doing wrong!


They are all super-cute! I hate making big batches of stuff, I always get distracted and want to make other things :)


Really, really cute. I love these cups of tea, cocoa, ets. So sweet and totally original!


Hi, again! I'm doing something on my blog where I'm trying to link to one blog for all 50 states. Your blog is so cute, you get to be my "Rhode Island"!

Christy S

You create the cutest items. I can see that I will have to get one of each, or two, or three....


i'm blog hopping all d way frm malaysia...
the cuppies are so lovely and cute...

Georgina Preston

The cream on the hot chocolate is a wonderful idea, maybe you could do a super delux hot chocolate with marshmallows and seed bead chocolate sprinkles, yum, yum!

elizabeth of course

where do I find these perfect little cups? I checked the shop.....?


These are so cute. Your site is awesome. Love it!


I love these my 10 year old is in love with them she wants them and needs to get them! I didn't see them in the shop so PLEASE get them in the soon or tell me how to make them!!!!


Best concept I've ever seen :)


i want. plain and simple. are you selling them on etsy?
i'll have a cup of green tea and a cup o fhot chocolate. wonderful site!!


I'm just learning to make handmade stuff, and faces really confuse me :( I really want to add faces, but I just don't know how to get them to look right. Any tips would be appreciated!

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