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Jenna Z

Can I just say that I like to think that we are somehow related now that you work for the AMS, even though this is the most illogical thinking. I work at a large Math software company and take care of all of our corporate memberships so I have been in mucho contact with AMS for years, so now I somehow like to think that our jobs are sort-of semi-related. :) But you're doing design, not mundane library tasks. Not that I don't like my job, I love it and am glad to hear you are loving yours! I would be lost in the design world, I am happy in the library!


i am so happy to find out that someone else goes to target just for fun (i have always been afraid to admit it)...what is your calendar, it looks cool! ... i am excited for the reopening of your shop...i am hoping that you are going to stock snowmen kits :)


please tell me what someone in the creative services dept does at AMS. I am curious.

Pecos Blue



I would love to buy one of your snowman kits.


As a mathematician/ crafter gal, let me say welcome! Math people really are fun, and I'm sure you'll love it!

Also,I have secretly longed for a job that has a cubicle, they look so safe and cozy. Maybe someday...


When is your website going to be back open?? I'm dying to order one of those cute herbal tea cups!! x


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