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I love these lemons! Even though they are frowning they make me smile! I think everyone has been in a funk lately. Everything will be ok! Keeping making lemons when life hands you lemons!


awwww!!! adorableness! my craft gal pal Michelle is obsessed with lemons, and has been so under the weather lately! do you think you would ever sell lemons? :)
xo niku


Sooo cute-the sour experssions are pricelss!
Looking forward to seeing the fruit bowl! Hope you are having a wonderful week~Tam :D


I love the lemons.


Those are way cute. I do know what you mean about being in a funk... it's the winter. There's just not enough sun or nice air or outside happiness, so it's hard to be happy inside too. Turn on a bunch of bright lights and pull out some new fabric to start a project - it helps.

Sewing machines

Although they are sad lemons, they are quite cute as well. Nice job!


Aw, they're adorable! Hope your kick that funk into it's place real soon.
Also, here's my favorite Calvin & Hobbs quote for you:
"When life gives you lemons, wing 'em right back and add some lemons of your own!"


Aw, sorry to hear that you've been sick and in a funk. Hopefully a few little lemonades will make you feel a little better.


but they are cute as buttons


Might I ask what size eyes you use for these?


how darn cute!! thanks for sharing. have a good one ,Amy


These are sew adorable! I love them! They make me happy just looking at them! Debra

cherstyn hurley

I love your little mouse tutorial and want to say thank-you.
Don't worry about the funk, it will pass. I have had many funks both long term and short term & usually there is a kernal of learning in there, but if people are being mean then remember it's them not you.
Keep on spreading the love. Kind regards


Oh my god, they're so cute!



everything you do is so cute!


I'm sorry to hear you've been ill, but your lemons really are adorable. Perhaps a cuddle will cheer them up?!


every time i check your blog for updates, the little lemons make my daughter so excited (even though she always asks why they are sad) ... i hope you are feeling better, i am excited to see what you make next!


The lemons are so cute! I love your blog. I hope you start feeling better :)


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urban craft

awesome. My boys at an age now where I can make felt food and he will enjoy playing with. I am adding lemons to the list.


Those lemons are so funny. Great expressions on their lemony faces!

Pamela King

Hi T! I really like your work. My friends and I are developing
a stuffed toy line. Would you be interested in helping us out?
Please shoot me an email for more info.



I truly love and admire your work.

Very nice style and presentation.

The lemons are by far my favorite -you just want to have them all!

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