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You should totally self-publish your book, if you already put that much work into it! I use Lulu, and they're pretty good, with lots of options and pretty good customer service too. Print-on-demand is not quite the same as having your book in a real bookstore, but at least you have full control of your work.


they are so super cute. best of luck regaining your mojo.. what a crappy crappy thing to have happened. sending some good thoughts over your way.


I'm so glad you're back. The cuttles are very very cute!


Welcome back. You should self-publish your book. I want to buy it. And I want to make the snowman I saw on your blog several months back---maybe last year. Love those cute, cute snowmen!


Amazon has a program where they will publish & sell your book.. you may want to look in to that too! :) Sorry to hear of your sad news, I adore your work and so does my son! You hare his go-to whale stufftie girl (and well, you know he loves your geek journal too!) best wishes in what ever you decide! xoxoxo


i love them...i am so sorry to hear about your book :(


They are so cute!!


I'm so sorry to hear the bad news! I guess some people just don't get it, huh?

I love your cuttlefish and am glad you are back. I just want to say that your stuff really inspires me.


Very sorry to hear the bad news! The cuttlefish are so cute! I just got mine in today and he's adorable. :)

sun ah kim

Hello... Nice to meet you.. i'm korean
You're so wonderful Needlework work.
I like a sawing.. Happy nice day..^--^


I'm so sorry to hear what happened with your book! What a terrific bummer to be treated in such a way. I'm so glad that we're getting your creative juices flowing again. Your cuttlefish are adorable.

I think it's crazy that they think there is no market for your book!

las sandalias de ana

ohhh, so bautiful and funny!!!! ;)


WOW!!Very nice all these creas...Congrats for this!



Hena Tayeb



What a fantastic blog..love the cuttlefish and all your other creations.


These are fantastic! Just stumbled into here.

Don't be discouraged about the book. In publishing it often happens that when projects get passed on, a 'new' editor isn't as enthusiastic but that's more about being proprietorial and about territory ("It wasn't my idea so I'm not going to stick up for it") It must have commercial legs or it wouldn't have been commissioned originally. Give it some time...


awww! soo cute!


They are awesome!
Sorry to hear about the book, but fingers crossed it will all work out in the end. Keep your chin up!

Janice Yang

Those are so very cute!!! i really liked them and am very sorry to hear about your books.Your work inspires me a lot,and i wish you all the best!!!Thanks for sharing,keep up the good work!!!!

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Debi Rix

I love all your stuff!! was really looking forward to buying your book. Anyway of selling it as an e-book?? There is a market for it. Please don't get discouraged. We need you!! So get up and get back on that horse!


OMG those are the most adorable squids EVER! Want one so badly <33


I think your cuttles are fabulous! Very inspirational! As an aspiring author, I feel your pain re your book (albeit a little belated!) Are you in contact with June from PlanetJune? She has successfully published an ebook. Since you have already put in all the work, might be worth investigating further...(planetjune.com)

Maria Nicoletti

Muito lindo seu trabalho.

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