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Ouch, but hold your head up and keep trying. If you want your book published then someone will do it, just have to find that right person. meanwhile...have chocolate. :)


Don't give up! I think your stuff is fabulous. That editor doesn't have the right vision for your beautiful book. Apparently J.K. Rowling was rejected by 9 publishers before Harry Potter was picked up.
It does sting but to help make you feel better there are lots of rejection tales here...
Much love Mx


That royally sucks, I'm so sorry! Please don't give up on it, I mean if it's written (and you put so much time into it), I know there are other publishers who aren't buttfaces out there! Plus I really want to see it, it sounds so awesome and all your sewing products are fabulous...
Well, regardless, I wish you many a happy thought!<3


You've been an inspiration for many, many people in the crafting community. Those people, the people that really matter, love your work.

Glad to hear you are getting your mojo back. Chin up, keep going. We're rooting for you :)


It may not help, but I would totally buy your book! That editor obviously doesn't know the market well enough.
If you still wanted to do it, you could always go the Lulu.com route. Just a thought.


I cannot imagine how frustrating that would be. But I'm with Jenn. When you're up to it...go the self-publish route! you have a TON of fans (more than just read your blog) and with the way the blogosphere works you would sell plenty of copies.

Of course, that's just me being selfish. I WANT your book! And it kills me to know it's written and just sitting there. :)

I live in Seattle and I work just 3 blocks from Schmancy. I'm definitely going down to pet the cuttlefish.

Take care!


I'm so sad and upset for you! All that hard work. Oh my gosh. I can't find your email address here, but I would like to email you something. Do you mind emailing me? Hope to talk to you soon. And what you've been making on your other blog is amazing!


oh no! I was looking forward to it!

I don't know how your spec contract was written but you could try another publisher - YOU. Publish it yourself - there are several sites that you can use to publish books yourself.

glad to hear your sewing mojo is back at least a little :)


I have your little pattern books and I love them. I just sewed some gorillas for a friend's son's first birthday. There are so many craft books out there and people are clamoring for more. You'd think your book would have been well received. But what do those book people know, anyway? They can be wrong/have been wrong in the past.
Hold you head up and keep on sewing.

Kristen Rask

Wow. I had no idea...I was curious about what you had been up to but man. That totally sucks.

I totally agree with Han though. You have been an inspiration to many people. Publishers don't always see a good thing when it's right in front of them. But keep your chin up and continue to do what makes you happy. If creating is what keeps u going doing let some dumb ass publisher bring you down.


Kristen Rask

sorry for my typo :) I got a few hours sleep last night...


aw, I'm so sorry Teresa! That is so, so sad. If it's any consolation, you have always been a great inspiration to me in all my crafty endeavors and you are an amazing seamstress with a wonderful imagination. I know this was a hard blow but I am sure that, at some point in the future, you will continue making super awesome stuff!


I am so, so sorry to hear this has happened to you. Your ex-editor is crazy to believe there is no market for your book. Your work is always so lovely, and I'm sure the book is no exception! If you can't find another publisher for the book, I agree with the above commenters that you should look into self-publishing it, so all your hard work won't have been wasted. Hope you get your sewing mojo back soon too - take care.


I agree with everyone. Don't see this as the end to anything. This disappointment may very well lead you to the next big thing. (whatever that may be - EVERYTHING happens for a reason) You've been a total inspiration to me as well. You're artwork/illustrations are wonderful and you have quite the hand with the fine sewing projects you've done. Don't let this stop you from doing what you love. Just do it for the sake of doing it... therapy!


*chimes in with everyone else*
It must really be disappointing, - all that hard work and nothing eventuates from it.
But you're awesome, and don't let that pull you down! This is only a slight bump on the long and wonderful road ahead of you.
Remember, You're Awesome.
(That's a capital Y and A, which also spells, ya!) :D


I've been noticing a lot of bad marketing decisions re: craft media lately (like the decline of the DIY network into HGTV Jr). It's disappointing- from what I can tell, even if I try to view it without the bias that comes of being a part of the crafty community, we are a huge and growing market.

If all else fails, self-publishing has gone hugely legit, and particularly in the crafting community- and then you get all the profit, without a middleman.


I agree! Your stuff is so cute and I've bought all of your patterns online - self publishing could be the start of something bigger. All the best of luck getting out of the funk!


I'm in agreement about the self-publishing. Seriously.

Allowing one person in a publishing company to make the mistake of taking a pass on your book... Something's wrong in the world when marketers make decisions based on "what's been done" and "what's proven". because really, who "did" and "proved" the very first one that everyone else wants to copy? That's all I care to say on the subject. Corporations. PAH!

I've been lurking on your blog for eons. Your stuff is so cute and VIABLE in style and simplicity. I'm a product developer by trade and I know quality when I see it. Your publisher was truly short sighted. Have you shopped the book anyplace else?

Self-pub would be a great way to go. And you've already got a following. I know I was waiting for your book to come out myself.


That is a major bummer! Your stuff is so cute, and I love the instructional patterns you have done - I SO would buy your book! Don't give up - it will happen!

And way to get back into the game - love the cuttlefish!!

Glad to see you back!



That blows! Your work is fabulous and I think your book would be fantastic. Don't let ONE editor define your artistic talent. You're extremely talented. With your talents you should do your OWN book and sell it yourself. So glad to see you back creating, I know mental setbacks can squash creativity. Love love LOVE your work, all of it. You have a style all your own that is gorgeous. -Jennifer

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