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I just discovered your blog and have to say I am so excited for your new page so I can see more of your amazing work. I am learning to sew currently and am expecting my first baby in June and cant wait to try out your patterns!! Im so excited for April!


So excited for the shop update and new website!! Can't wait for April :)


I fanned you on FB. Excited for Sewing Stars 2.0. I have been missing your posts.


So thrilled for you! April can't get here soon enough! Yay!

Account Deleted

Very excited for you & happy to see that's you're still around, creating beautiful things :) Can't wait until April :)


Expecting great things. You were one of my very first web crafty discoveries, in a new town with no crafty friends, but a new cable internet subscription...


gosh can i just say i love your work and so proud u are a californian also :) cant wait to see your new site !!!


yay! good to see you! joined up everywhere.. glad you posted on lj where i missed you.


i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

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I am actually very much looking forward to the change, since that means that I will have less confusing issues with my ordering system. With the old cart, I had to check 3 different locations to verify orders, and sometimes emails weren't reaching me.

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I hope things will get brighter for you soon. Please know that I continue to love and use my Mr. Bunny stamps and coin purse.

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I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed.

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