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Will you be able to sell the individual patterns, or did you give up your rights in the book deal?

Because my 2 "small toys to sew" pattern books would like some company, please :).

_dying_ over the alien. And the koala. and...


I look forward to it! That Koala looks incredibly cute. If you ever feel like trying some animals that are less well known, might I suggest a Binturong? http://arkive.org/binturong/arctictis-binturong/

They're big, fuzzy, cute, have big fluffy prehensile tails, can turn their feet completely around so that they can walk straight down a tree, have these goofy-yet-endearing giant tufts of fur which stick out behind (not from) their ears, and are described as smelling like an explosion in a Frito factory. What's not to love?

I apologize for my nerdiness. :) It's one of my favorites, and all my attempts thusfar at crafting a binturong or convincing the craft community that Binturong is the next Owl have failed. Thusfar.


Koala = cutest thing I have EVER seen. L.O.V.E. it!

Sophie Z'Ours

Just a little message to thank you for the mouse pattern you shared in 2006 on Teddy Talk... I know, it is a long time ago, but I saved it for future use until this week!!!!
I made a couple of mice with cotton plush fabrics. They are gifts for my other half's niece and nephew for their 2nd and 3rd birthays.
It was fun making them but I want to try the pattern with different materials (non plush).
Waiting for next opportunity to make a special gift, hehehehehehe!
It was nice discovering your blog. Your toys are really cute and funny.



ooh, I love all your stuff, so cute. V.excited about the rebirth. I been stubbornly holding on to your blog in my reader, I'm glad your back.

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I am actually very much looking forward to the change, since that means that I will have less confusing issues with my ordering system. With the old cart, I had to check 3 different locations to verify orders, and sometimes emails weren't reaching me.

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