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Those owl cushions are a hoot!

Eco builders

Those owls are so adorable. There are a lot of wonderful things to discover in your site. Plus, I learned something from you today. Have a great day!


Love the quahogs! So nice to see that you have an etsy shop!


I love your creations. I think they are super adorable!!!


those owls are fantastic. I love the orange one with the squares on his chest - he looks so classic and full of personality.

Cornelii Sandberg

Mycket intressant artikel om ehandel och webbshop!


Hey, there you are! Glad to see you on etsy.


that is awesome!!! I am from little RI, LOVE them!!!


Hi Teresa! Just wanted to let you know that I finally used the elephant pattern that I bought from you last year (or the year before). The recipient LOVED it. Thanks for sharing your pattern…your stuff is too cute!

janome sale

These are beautiful! I love your ideas. So much more meaningful than mass-produced stuff. Thanks for sharing your talent.


Your work is so charming and beautiful. I really wish there was more of it, you have so much talent.

Jo @ sewing machine reviews

I always wondered what Quahog meant! Thanks for the beautiful and educational update :)


Hey I've known of you for a few years and just recently learned how to use my sewing machine so I thought I'd see what you were up to. I am sorry your job is hogging up your creative time! Hope you come back soon! :)

The Handmade Project

Your work is great! I hope you're not giving it up!


just get to know your work, is amazing!

Nicole Shea

Hi there! I don't know what's going on, but have known and liked your stuff since seeing it at Crafty Bastards a few years ago. Just put on a mr. bunny moods pin and thought I would see what you are up to. Stuff looks great, sorry not available on Etsy. Have you considered letting a shop carry some of your creations? Maybe submitting for a group fabric arts show? Let me know if you have any interest. I have a shop/gallery.


Hi Teresa, I've missed your cute creations and blog updates...hope to see new ideas from you soon! :) Hope all is well.

Canada Goose

I am actually very much looking forward to the change, since that means that I will have less confusing issues with my ordering system. With the old cart, I had to check 3 different locations to verify orders, and sometimes emails weren't reaching me.

North Face Sale

I hope things will get brighter for you soon. Please know that I continue to love and use my Mr. Bunny stamps and coin purse.

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