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I love love love your patterns, and I would pay good money for a pattern booklet.


Aw, no! I've really enjoyed everything you've made and too, would happily pay for a pattern booklet of yours.

Will you be selling the rest of your items? I'd love to rehome some of them here, where they will be very much cherished.

So much love and good mojo headed your way. x


Unfortunately, 40 for a plushie is too expensive for me these days - every penny counts towards rent and food instead! :( Oh how I want to buy handmade items!!!! I send good thoughts your way for all your efforts, I loved your mouse pattern.


That makes me sad. It seems like there is a shift in the handmade world to things that, um, aren't exactly handmade. It makes me sad that people who are putting in the time and effort into their work hear things like "It's too expensive". Well, if you were a factory cranking out mass produced crap, you could sell things for less. People lose sight of that fact sometimes I think.
I'd love to buy a pattern book. I actually have one and I use it to make things for the kiddos all the time.


I love your stuff! I am sorry to hear about your discouragement. Please don't give up. You're too talented and your stuff is amazing. I too would totally buy a book of patterns. That would be such a blessing.


I have been reading your blog forever now and I love everything you make. I would have so loved to have seen a book come out from you! i think you have such a unique take on things and I just love the whimsical feel to all of your work. It makes me sad to think that you may be thinking of coming to an end...


I miss you! Craft shows make me want to die, so I totally hear you. But I'm so sad that you ended up feeling so discouraged after the book debacle. You were a huge inspiration to me for years!!


Oh no! I hate to hear that you've been so trodden down. I love your stuff. I love the tea cups and owl! I've loved looking at all of the wonderful things you have created. Don't give up!


I'm so sorry about your disappointment at the sell. I hope that things get better. It takes time to get back into the groove of things after such a long hiatus. I would love a pattern book. Your designs inspired me so much I decided to try my hand at making and selling handcrafted items. You were one of the few people who inspired my impressionable 17 year old mind to try something like this out, and I hope that whatever interests you will be pursuing from now on will make you happier than you're feeling now :3


I'd definitely buy the booklet - but I think you shouldn't give up just yet, you rock at making the cutest things!


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It definitely takes time to get back into the groove once you've been away, and more importantly to rebuild your brand. Your stuff used to sell out on Etsy so quickly, but that was because people still knew you were around. That, coupled with the recession, is to blame I think. I would absolutely buy a pattern book from you. I have my little blue elephant I made from a kit you sold sitting right next to me. My friend has a pink one. You're definitely an artist, and if you need to take more time away or slowly ease into it that's up to you. But I wouldn't think that anything is really "over" when you have so much talent and so much life to live. :)


I'd buy a booklet, too ! I love your work so much.
Oh, I was so glad to see a picture of 'in progess' toy making... I'm going to miss those !


Don't get discouraged, I really think some of the reason for lack of sales is a poor economy - someone might be interested, but it's hard to part with that much money sometimes. I've noticed a HUGE dip in selling items lately.

As far as a booklet - I'd be interested! I love your creations and wouldn't mind making some just for me! :)

Sarah and Steve

I am so sorry for what you have been through - these times are truly unforgiving! But keep your chin up and yes, I would LOVE what ever booklet you would produce!!!!



I'd be interested in the booklet. Please take pre-orders so that those who want them get a chance to grab them. I would hate to miss out. I worry about the cost of postage from you on something tangible though. Often the cost of postage is 2-3 times more than the item which puts me off... have you thought of e-book??


I'd totally love it! I just brought out my pattern books of yours to look for a whale pattern :)


i am also sorry to hear...how discouraging. i have always wished i could buy your finished product...i have one of your booklets and i loved my snowman kit...i would certainly buy a pattern book if you make it...


Agree with the folks who said it takes a bit to re-establish your brand and presence. The economy might make that process slower but I definitely think there's a place for your work. Your critters make people so happy- I'd hate to see them disappear.

As for a booklet of patterns, yes!! I've been crossing my fingers that you'd reprint your booklets. If you came out with a new booklet, it would be a dream come true!


Please don't be discouraged! =) I would love to purchase a patterns booklet if it becomes available. Please keep your head up. Take care.


I'm so sorry to hear that the show didn't go well. For what it's worth, I'd buy a pattern booklet in a heartbeat. Seconding the request for pre-orders should that materialize because I wouldn't want to miss out on it either. :/


I really liked the colorful stuffs you've posted very good in the eyes. By the way thanks for posting.

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I just can't wait for that booklet. I would love to make patterns as you do. Thanks.


its not your work...its the economy. you have amazing talent + style that has inspired me through the years. things will come around again. i have been on a three year break myself. perfect time to recreate things + not be rushed ;) xo!


I'd spent a fortune on a booklet or any pattern of yours! Your creations ROCK!

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