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Erica M.

I would love to see a pattern booklet from you as well!


I doubt that you will read (let alone respond to) this message, but I will give it a final try anyway.
Years ago, I have send you a message asking whether it was possible to buy one of the plush tea cups from you, since I, unfortunately, always missed the moments on which you sold them. Unfortunately, you never replied.
Nevertheless, I would still, after all those years, like to purchase one of those tea cups from you. From what I understood from your post, (I presume) you will never create new plushies again, but I was wondering if you made a few plush tea cups for this Union Handmade show that you would be willing to sell? Please reply via e-mail, if you would like to respond. Thank you in advance.


Hi, I have just found you (through pictures of the teacups on pinterest) and was really bummed to see your etsy shop was empty... I would definitely buy a booklet if your toys are no longer available.

Karena Lindell

I want a booklet for sure! Also - if your plushies aren't selling at craft shows, are they available online anywhere? I think my son could really use a squid (or a gorilla if avaliable). karenalindell at yahoo dot com


I would absolutely buy a booklet of your patterns! Don't give up!

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Amazing post, dude! I’m going to follow your blog


One of my most precious possessions is a articulated bear that I bought from you on LJ. I paid a lot of money for something that is so special and well made that it is worth every penny. I show it to special friends but it lives in the box that it came in. You are a class act. An inspiration. A true artist.
Some people get it. Some people don't.
And some people have no money these days.
Please try and understand that your disappointments are just faded buildings on the crafty highway you're driving down. Pass them by. Then stop at an amazing roadside attraction or a kitschy diner and have some fun or refreshments. Do it because you love it.
I support you. Please keep in touch if you like. You are beautiful and amazing. Your mojo hasn't gone anywhere.


I'd love to try a go at your patterns! And of course they'd be worth the money! Do you have previous pattern books out? If you do, you should definitely direct me to where to get my hands on one :)


Thak you for sharing them with us , I think it's worth reading


Please put me down for one of every pattern book that you are willing to publish!
Thanks kinldy,

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Maxine Funk

Oh this is such a sad story,Teresa! Fortunately, there are other sadder ones. Sorry, you no longer have a desire to do what you do so well. But everything isn't always about selling your work. Sometimes, and believe me when I say sometimes you just need to do what you love. Believe me also when I tell you that I've worked all kinds of shows and fairs and seldom sold anything, but it was fun and I met people, made friends and now at my age can enjoy the memories. I can tell you that I can count the numbers on one hand the # of things I sold at a craft show, but the experience and enjoyment was well worth it. So now, I quilt for "Myself" and I've taught half a dozen others to do it "Free" and the rewards of the thank you are more than any $10 or $100 could ever be.
Sell patterns via PDF if you want to make money, or give them away to good homes. Make them inexpensive a couple dollars here and there through paypal and enjoy the creative process.
Good luck to you in whatever you do. You are worth it.

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