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Your things are amazing. No other way to say it. I have several kits, sadly unmade still, but waiting patiently for me. And I hope you continue, because I love and adore your creations.


I will definitely buy your booklets and truly hope that you keep sewing for yourself as your work is absolutely wonderful! :)

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Very cool, I love the style and the quality


Looking forward to when you offer your booklets for sale. Your work is always so charming- I don't know the details of the book deal snafu but would hate to see something like that crush your creativity. You have a real gift.


i know there is very little chance of this, but i was just wondering if you had any tea cup plushies of any size shape or colour aout that you were selling?
it is me and my twin sisters 21st in september and i know as a complete tea addict she would lovee one.

if there is any way that i could get hold of one i would be entirely grateful :)

if there is any way that you could get back to me i would be equally grateful


Glad to hear from you: I remember your mohair bears from.... Teddy Talk I think? And have watched you since. I hope we'll see more from you in the future, because I know I won't be satisfied until I have a gorilla or a yeti in my house :)



I've been thinking about writing to you for a long time! I decided it was finally time. :)
I just wanted to let you know that your work is wonderful! It's so clean/simple yet expressive, and so so well made. Your craftsmanship is just awesome! I've been following your work for quite a few years now, and just love everything that you have come up with. I'm not sure about the details of what happened with the book deal, but all I can say is that they made a huge mistake!! They are missing out on an awesome opportunity to publish your book. I know it may not feel like it now, but I still think it'll happen in the future.
On that same kind of note, please don't give up!!! It's okay if you need to step away for a little while, but make sure to keep all of your supplies so they'll be there when you feel better. And you will feel better, I'm sure of it!! I have been through a similar experience where I literally couldn't go in my studio for years. I was dealing with major depression, and I could hardly do anything. But it was all there for me when things got better. I truly hope you can feel better quickly, but for now, be nice to yourself, take time to heal. Just know that people truly LOVE your work, and can't wait for you to get back into it! We'll all still be here! :)
That being said, I can't wait for any booklet or anything else you may be putting out! I'll keep checking back. :) And if you are taking pre-orders, sign me up!!
Hang in there! I wish you all the best!!


Please sell me a pom bird! I love them!

Michelle Rogers

Yay! I got into making softies just this year and I missed out on your stuff. I love it! I was hoping you would sell your patterns or sell them. I'm grateful that you are. I am 100% planning to purchase the book when you are done and purchase the other two that you mentioned.

I don't really know what patterns you have in them or are going to put in them. I never got to see all your work. But from the little bit I have seen, I fell in love with.

Thank you! <3


I'm sorry that things didn't work out the way you had planned with Sewing Stars. I adore your plushies and designs. Count me in as someone who would LOVE to buy your booklets as soon as you make them available. I'll be down for a pre-order, as well. Keep your head up and please let us know when we can order your booklets of patterns! :)


Count me in for a pre-order booklet; I JUST found your blog today, which sucks for me it looks like, but I just wanted to say that even from the brief browse around I've had your work is obviously so original & well done. I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do next, even if (she says, selfishly) that is come back to Sewing Stars with renewed energy after some time out.


I will most likely be ordering as well. Very nice work. Bring back sewing stars!


I cannot wait to order my new booklet. I already have the other two. :)

I'm so sorry for the heartbreaking ups and downs. I can tell from my crafting community that the economy is taking its toll. Many of my friends bemoan not being able to sell their bags made from designer fabrics...when two booths down some crappy walmart fabric bag was selling like hotcakes. Because it was cheap. It's horrible that talented and quality-oriented makers like yourself suffer in this environment.

That said - I am a die hard sewing stars fan.

angie in asheville

I would love to preorder a booklet! For all I know you were working with this company, but if not, have you tried LARK Books, based in Asheville, NC? I could see their line of books being perfect for your wonderful creations. Please put me on your preorder list. Thanks!


your booklets are amazing i will order some for my wife she will be really happy

Rachel Zibaila

So I've only read a few posts about the fact that you havent been making the plushies for a while now. But like the one girl who is heartbroken about the tea cups, I would be extremely grateful if I could commission you to make two more. My roommate and I have this thing for tea and she's pink and I'm yellow. So you can imagine our freak out when we randomly came across the pictures. I know you must be insanely busy and getting back on your feet but (and I dont think ink can express how much we want these) please please email me back if you're willing to make us a set.

elizabeth c.

i definitely want to be added to the pre-order list.

i am so sorry things took the turn that they did. you are an amazingly talented designer! i hope that you are able to find something that makes you as, if not more, happy than you were with your stuffies.


I absolutely LOVE your work and miss your softies online considerably. I would absolutely without a doubt like to pre-order one of each of your pattern books (once they become available) and would also like to make a request to purchase one of your amazing squids! I seemed always to miss them when you used to post them for sale - I have no doubt that they (among others) are a coveted item :) My son is enamored with the ocean and all the sealife within and I was hoping to be able to get him an original Sewing Stars Squid for him for his birthday. I understand if they are not available, or perhaps already spoken for ... and I also know this may be a rather hard time for me to be asking you this. I kick myself that I didn't send you the request many years earlier. Be comforted in the fact though that many people out here really love your work, miss your wit and would relish to see you back in fine fettle once again: myself included.
Feel free to email me if you would like ~
[email protected]
xo nikki

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Don't get down just because a publisher didn't want to publish your book. There are far more people out there who love your stuff and have been patiently waiting for sewings stars to return (like me!) I pop ove every now and again to see if there is something happening and am delighted to find your still blogging. You have fantastic artistic vision and creativity and amazing sewing talent and the creations I have bought from you always make me smile I'd love to add to the collection and always look forward to new designs (like the little robot, that I would have loved but wasn't quick enough to get). I (and I can tell from above post there are others) who hope you do find your passion again.


Haven't checked the blog in some time, so was quite surprised to see more than a new post, but some actual content...
Count me in as one of many who would purchase the three booklets as a set...have loved your work for some time now, and would love to try my hand at making it, especially if my hopes of purchasing some directly from you will be no more...
Really hope things turn around for you at some point, and that you find your love once more...you;re incredibly talented with an innate sense of charm, whinsy and style!

Terri Sue

oh my, i wanted one of your koala bears. if you still have any books or patterns i would feel so honored to buy from you. it is so hard when ourplans for life fall through. i had m.s. from 1986 to 2006 and then God miracuously healed me. the mri's came back clear i could feel my feet again and my legs. the tingling left my hands and arms, and i left the wheelchair i had been in for 10 years. God gave me 2 wonderful years and then for reasons that i don't understand in 2008 the pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, 3 compressed discs and 3 slipped discs suddenly went off the scale. i have a high tolerance for pain, but this was rediculous. every day i wake up it's a little bit worse. towards the beggining of 2010 my doctor advised me to go back to my wheelchair to improve the quality of my life. we were just blessed with our second grandchild in july. to make him happy he has to be walked. i can't do that. i just don't understand. by the way he was why i wanted your koala. his nursery is decorated all in koalas. my email is lovebirdmom at gmail dot com.



this is 'N.B.' who posted the request for a plush tea cup on July 22 - the message you quoted in this blogpost.
Thank you kindly for your reply to my message via this post.

My sincere apologies for the confusion and the late reply:
I filled in my e-mail address in the 'your information' section and assumed it would be known to you.

I truly hope you will read this message and are still willing to reply, since I'm still interested in buying a plush tea cup from you.

Please reply via this e-mail address:
post.v.b at kabelfoon dot net
Thank you in advance.

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